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Argle Bargle Scarf

$95.00 / Sold Out

A monochromatic aviary covers the surface of this scarf, with a bright blue bird in the bottom right corner. The birds' eyes glow a fetching yellow and contrast gloriously with the blue border.

Your large (36"x36") scarf is printed on a square of billowy, crepe-like silk chiffon, a semi-sheer, beautifully weighted fabric. The colours and textures layer subtly when folded. This lightweight and elegant fabric is whisper-thin and feather-light, perfect for spring and summer. Silk is versatile and responsive -- it will warm or cool you, depending on what your body needs.

Though strong, 100% silk requires care, so dry clean only. Occasional steam ironing will keep your scarf's fibres supple. Each scarf ships in its own muslin drawstring bag, to keep it safe from harm.