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Barrier Reef Scarf

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Large, super-soft cotton voile scarf -- I've been wearing these as cardigans to work, as they're big enough to drape over the shoulders and protect you from the ravages of the air conditioning. This Barrier Reef scarf is covered in a split pattern: half tiny watercolour sea creatures on white, and half blowsy corals on a pale peach -- the patterns twist and layer when you wrap the scarf around your neck.

Other uses: as a picnic blanket, as a furoshiki wrap, a baby swaddle, a makeshift tote bag, a rad turban, a tablecloth -- just hand-wash gently when it's time to give your scarf a bathe.

This 44"x44" cotton voile scarf is gauzy, cozy, and bristling with sea life: crabs, jellyfish, seaweed, seashells and little blue fish. A gift of the late summer.