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Surprise Ball

$120.00 / Sold Out

An online exclusive.

If you're looking to delight a lucky beloved, a surprise ball is a multicolored, joy-filled orb of wonder that I urge you to consider.

Each surprise ball contains the following:
- 1 scarf of your choice (any that are not sold out in the store)
- 1 piece of jewelry of your choice (choose from Festina Lente brooch, Glitter tapir brooch, Pizza Party earrings)
- 3 stickers
- Assorted & exciting pieces of wrapped candy from around the world
- Other tiny surprises, such as marbled balloons, beautiful minerals, pompoms and more.

Please note your scarf and jewelry choices at checkout, or let me choose for you!

All of these items are wrapped in yards of crepe paper streamers into a tightly-wound ball, which you (or your gift recipient) can unwind to reveal an ever-growing pile of presents.

If you have a particular color scheme in mind, let me know and we will see what we can work with.